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Peel Away Ads 3 


Peel Away Ads™ v 3.0! The perfect way to get that extra attention without the complaints of your customer. Peel Away Ads are a proprietary technology that display a small animated "Peel" also know as "Curl" or "Dog Ears" on your Web site on the Top Right Corner (see on our right corner). If a Web site visitor moves the mouse over the Peel Away Ad it smoothly opens with a peel-off animation.



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2010-11-01 18:01:09 | Author: Chipmunk | Comments (1)
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Action PopUp 

Increase Sales By 400% and Get More Optins With This Simple, Easy-to-Use Website Plugin…

“Yes, You Too Can Increase Your Optins And Build A Bigger Email List And Start Doing It Today…

In Less Than 10 Minutes”

What Do The World’s Top Marketers

Have In Common?


They All Use “Action PopUp!”






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2010-10-24 17:28:39 | Author: Chipmunk | Comments (7)
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Ultimate Footer Ad High Conversion Footer Ad 

UltimateFooterAds is the perfect solution for just about any site owner/blogger. It lets you create hyper effective ads at the click of a button – ads that easily slice through the Ad Blindness of your site or blog visitor.




Here’s just a tiny sample of the benefits of using Ultimate Footer Ad:


* Overcome ad blindness in your visitors and get their attention without resorting to spammy popups, popunders, hover ads or other annoying techniques.


* Turbo-charge your click-thru rates – get more traffic to your salespages, squeezepages and affiliate offers…fast!


* Dramatically increase profitability – without any increase in your traffic.


* Get more Twitter Followers or RSS subscribers. – Place an Ultimate Footer Ad on your blog and watch your Follow and Subscription rates soar!


* Impress your visitors with the 72 pro-quality graphic templates included as a special bonus with UFA. – these are so good your visitor will assume you have custom designers and programmers on your payroll…even if you’re just a one man bedroom operation


* Grab more email subscribers – build your list quickly and easily without annoying your regular blog readers with pesky hover-overs or popups.


* Get more of your visitors to take the action you want – it’s super easy with these high-impact, yet unobtrusive footer ads.


* Incrementally improve your conversion rates – split test multiple ads against one another without needing any specialist programming knowledge. Just copy and paste the provided code snippet…it’s that easy. The let UFA tell you which ad is converting best.





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2010-10-24 16:16:51 | Author: Chipmunk | Comments (884)
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