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Wordpress tweet bomb 

Wordpress tweet bomb


Professional, Unique Content

WPTB collects content from news sites, blogs, Q&A sites, articles, social news sites and also any RSS feeds you like. Images, videos and links can also be added and all content can be “De-Duped” making it much more unique for Google.

Instant Affiliate Ads

Affiliate adverts are contextually placed in posts – monetizing your blog for you. You can use sources like ClickBank, Commission Junction, Amazon & Adsense displayed with the pre-made ad templates or design your own – and every click is tracked so you know exactly what’s working.

Traffic. Lots of Traffic.

Traffic is no longer a problem with WPTB. You’ll get an instant boost of Twitter traffic & shortly after, Google and friends will deliver traffic to your site in droves. The WPTB test blog has been getting 1,000-4,000 DAILY unique visitors for months now as a direct result of using WPTB.

Unlimited, Organic Tweeting

Choose exactly how much to tweet & follow (from unlimited Twitter accounts) to ensure that WPTB meets the traffic goals for you blog. There’s also an option to tweet about all posts made to the blog (from other tools, for example) which is great if you’ve got your own content solution sorted.

Get More Pages Indexed

By using the “auto indexer” feature WPTB will discover which posts are NOT indexed and fire extra tweets at them to give Google a helping hand. There’s also a special button that gets you hundreds of free links on autopilot – which is perfect for getting a new blog indexed.

Fast Support

When you become a client – you’re looked after. If you’ve got any questions or problems we’re always there to help you out. Plus once you’ve got your copy of WPTB you get free updates for ALL future versions (and there will be plenty!)


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#1  swayze

Does anyone have a new download link for this. the link is not working now. Thanks

#2  highxvz

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#3  Alika

fd2Nancy,Lord have mercy. I never had any intentions of a FREE ride. I have been mankig posts since last week and (as you know) they were getting dropped. My request was no different than many, many, many others that asked you look at the given URL, in which case you were so kind as to offer a suggestion.If you will look at your logs, you'll indeed see that one of my initial posts was an attempt at trying to find out how and what to pay you for your services. This was long before you even announced your launch.So, again, I remain sincere in saying I wasn't looking for ongoing free advice. I'm still curious as can be as to why, having done several of the things you suggested, I'm not ranking. I went through the Kern vids as advised and didn't see any results. I was just curious if I missed something based on the list I sent you of what I HAD done.Having only listened to you for a week now, I have a huge amount of respect for your generosity in placing such great content up (as you have done).I will say this if there was something I missed in the videos and were to have had a simple pointer (if I missed something), it would certainly make it easier to join when the launch came out. I'm sorry if I offended you and came across as one looking for a free ride. That was never my intention. My time is valuable- I have the same respect for others.J

#4  bnyukrhct

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#5  dsgghMisr9dsglds

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