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Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffer 

The definitive WordPress cookie stuffer


Secretly plant a cookie on your visitors web browser.

Increase your income exponentially!


If someone visits your wordpress blog, they will receive the cookie your affiliate site sends when a user surfs there via your affiliate link.


So what’s the point?


They can then go off and carry on surfing. If they come across the site without an affiliate link (ie. if they search Google for the product and click through direct to the company url from the results shown) then the affiliate site will think that they came through your link because of the cookie they got when they visited your blog. If they happen to purchase any products off that site, you get your share of the profit.


The more traffic you get to your site the more effective this cookie stuffer is. For example if your site is getting 10,000 visitors a day, how many of those people are likely to be buying a product off a site like amazon or ebay within 7 days?


* It’s secure. If your affiliate manager visits your site they won’t be able to find anything. The code is obfuscated by javascript.

* Make use of the traffic that visits your blog.

* Set a stuffing frequency so you can avoid a 100% CTR.

* Cookie Stuff with as many links as you want!



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You should check out Socialize Dragon Social Media Automation software. They are also looking for affiliates too.


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