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iPanel Billing System 

[b]iPanel Billing System[/b]
Ipanel Billing systems Version 4 Now Upload On Megaupload


Incorporate your pre-iPanel hosting accounts easily into the iPanel billing system.

iPanel includes a complex error checking routine to ensure successful account creation.

All features with * after is a new feature added in v4.0.1
Administrator Features :
- Manually add/view/edit clients accounts
- Manually add/view/create client invoices
- Create Reseller accounts with root access to server
- Illegal file scanner, and phishing site scanner
- Suspend/unsuspend, and delete accounts on server from ipanel
- Inactivity scanner
- Forced ads into free sites including html, htm, php, perl, cgi.
- Remote forced ads, and illegal file scanner
- Domain import tool from server to ipanel
- Multiple ip sign up restriction
- Free account email verify
- PDF Invoices
- Set new free account to admin or auto approve
- Coupon system
- Multiple currency support
- Multiple tax support
- Multiple admin accounts with several permission choices
- shipping and setup fee support
- Set free sign ups to subdomains only
- Internal/external helpdesk system
- Mass email users from control panel
- Add Multiple servers with account type separation per server
- Network status and notification of services are down
- Sign up, and earnings Report
- TOS template, email template, and ads template editor
- User ip logging
- RVSkin compatible
- Free hosting directory of clients
- Email & IP blocking tools
- Client search
- Create custom welcome emails per packages
- Package group support
- Forced SSL support
- Custom referals with reporting
- Custom order form fields
- Mass email per package
- Basic internationalization support
- Multiple subscriptions support
- Support for package add-ons
- Developer docs for event API
- Dedicated/VPS server support
- Email queue
- Internal affiliate system*
- Windows tray application*
- Client file download area*
- Internal ad manager with ad category support*

Client Area Features :
- Upgrade to paid account to remove forced ads
- View network status
- View post count
- View and make payment of due invoices
- Update credit card information
- Submit/view support ticket
- View/edit account details
- Change password
- Paypal donation link in users control panel for free accounts
- View post count
- View and make payment of due invoices
- Update credit card information

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