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vBulletin Forum 4.0.0 RC 4 

vBulletin Forum 4.0.0 RC 4
vBulletin Forum RC4 | Nulled | 6.33 MB

Highlights of what’s fixed and what's new in RC4:

* Fixed Articles are not being indexed when first created.
* Fixed Article publication timestamp is not always accurate according to your local time, and can cause articles to display incorrect publication times.
* Fixed Article publication date changing automatically Fixed View Articles & Blog Entries Links in Non-Suite Users Fixed Forum Sidebar permission problems.
* Fixed Blog entry forum block "Category Limit"
* Fixed CMS Permission Issues
* Fixed Article Numbered List bug
* Fixed Promote to Article Bug
* Fixed Profile Tab for Blogs and Custom Tabs
* Fixed Pagination
* Fixed Video link using IE8 bug
* Fixed Album upload problem
* Fixed Forum Announcement Height problem
* Updated Blog UI
* Updated CMS UI
* Removed hardcoded phrases in Groups
* and numerous other bugs


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