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Keyword Prodigy Crack 


keyword prodigy crack

Keyword Prodigy Cracked

Keyword Prodigy is a powerful, easy to use keyword suggestion tool for Windows which finds and collects hundreds or even thousands of hidden keyword suggestions from the most popular search engines.

•Save hours of keyword research time•Gain a competitive advantage
•Easy to use
•No learning curve
•Get keyword suggestions from search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.
•Get more suggestions from Google Product Search and Amazon.
•Target keywords by country.
•Use the “Go deep” option to get even more keyword suggestions.
•Find untapped niches and sub-niches to promote your products or services.
•Build niche sites around hidden long tail keywords.
•Use keyword suggestions to find placement targeting URLs.
•Find 1000′s of negative keywords resulting in huge PPC savings each month.
•Use keyword suggestions to find ideas for untapped domain names.
•Create massive keyword lists for PPC campaigns.
•Copy the keyword suggestion research results found to the clipboard.
•Export the results to a CSV file (for Excel).

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