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Instant Site Machine 

Instant Site Machine

Start turning your domains into money

Convert your domains to cash! No point having them sit there for no reason. Put this script there and start generating revenue and Google page rank. In less than 2 minutes, you can have a content-rich site with your keywords.

•Build your own eBay store instantly in minutes

•Build your own Amazon store in minutes

•Build your own adsense site in minutes!

•Build your product store in minutes!

It’s a complete waste to have your domains sit there because you dont have time or money to hire a designer to build you these sites. Imagine you have 50 or 100 domains. It would easily cost you several thousand to have someone to build a site for each one. Buying a template cost you at least $50-$100 (and that might just be one domain!). You still have to write all the content and and deal with coding and editing images. Hiring someone will cost you several hundred to several thousand dollars for each domain. And you will need to constantly update the content yourself. Now you can do it in under 2 minutes for each site. And start increasing the value of your domain because now it’s getting indexed and getting clicks! And best of all you just set up the keyword and it’ll do the rest. In minutes!



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2010-11-06 13:03:30 | Author: Chipmunk | Comments (5)
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Landing Page Robot 

Landing Page Robot

Landing Page Robot Overview


Landing Page Robot shows you how to make powerful landing pages and similar websites with a click of a button. It is a revolutionary system that stands above the rest since it combines various powerful internet marketing and SEO techniques so you can built a landing page Google will love!

Just when you thought Google has gotten rid of Squeeze pages and review sites, here’s the thing: they’re back BUT you should make sure that your landing pages and websites are better this time around. With Landing Page Robot, you will find out how amazingly easy it is to built websites that rake in money. No need for a web designer, a web developer or a programmer, you can do things the pur 100% DIY way with the help of the Landing Page Robot.


You can create the following pages using the Landing Page Robot:

Squeeze Pages (Opt-in Pages): You can create squeeze pages easily as well as squeeze pages that are sure to bring in a lot of customers!


Review Sites: Make an unlimited count of product reviews using the Landing Page Robot.

Sales Pages: Make an impressive landing page that will attract more customers to buy your product.

Blog + System: If you’ve always wanted to create a blog with all the pages (Contact us, Terms and Conditions, etc.) all filled out and ready to publish, all it takes is a click of a button to do so.



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2010-11-04 14:39:52 | Author: Chipmunk | Comments (6)
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80+ Niche adsense websites with admin 

easy to install, simple upload to webserver and login at



user and pass admin



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2010-11-03 12:15:18 | Author: Chipmunk | Comments (2)
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Stylish-Black Templates PSD 

Stylish-Black Templates PSD


A collection of stylish black templates


Full PSD included




2010-10-27 17:46:18 | Author: Chipmunk | Comments (1)
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Clean Countdown Timer 

Clean Countdown Timer


This is a clean and stylish “coming soon” / “construction” template. It shows days, hours, minutes and seconds left to a specific event. Show your progress trough a progress bar and give the user feedback about the progress made.


The file includes a basic version in six different colors as well as two bonus versions and a shiny version in three different colors.






The design fits almost every webpage check out our 6 vibrant colors for the basic version:














Check out the shiny version:


*Blue *Red *Green


More Info:


■XHTML 1 .0 Transitional


■Progress Bar


■Countdown Timer


■PHP E -Mail Form


■Help File


■Layered PSD included


We used Arial, Helvetica, Lucida Sans Unicode / Lucida Grande and Myriad Pro and Helvetica – all standard fonts





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2010-10-24 17:20:18 | Author: Chipmunk | Comments (3)
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WordPress Ministe Geek 

Minisite, WordPress Themes, Squeeze page/landing Page, Video Squeeze Page, product Review Page, in a super short time – without having to make you reach into deep pockets, the monitor, and the keyboard, but without a CPU, they cant do anything but power up and turn on.


This package covers the following niche mini sites.


*CPA Money

*Internet Marketing

*Black Hat SEO

*Weight Loss



*Internet Marketing

*Muscle Building




All MiniSites consist of the following design elements:


*Header Graphic 4 Banners for advertising

*Footer Graphic PSD files

*Testimonial Box Graphic CSS / HTML page

*Opt-in Box Graphic Minisite WordPress Themes

*2 Bullet Points Graphics

*12 Complete 29-Page Niche Website Kits



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2010-10-24 16:45:43 | Author: Chipmunk | Comments (1)
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