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CG Academy: 3dsMax User Interface And Basic Workflow 

CG Academy: 3dsMax User Interface And Basic Workflow CG Academy: 3dsMax User Interface And Basic Workflow TSCC | English | 1268×1024 | AVI | 25 fps 500 kbps | MP3 352 kbps | 2.15 GB Genre: eLearning
This DVD introduces the 3dsmax user interface and its unique workflow. In the first half of this DVD you will be taken through all of the user interface elements of 3dsmax, and this exploration continues in the second section where Chris creates a simple scene that demonstrates many core features of 3dsmax. This DVD is aimed at a basic level 3d user, someone with knowledge of how to operate software in general and with a basic understanding of 3d software concepts. It is designed to give the user an introduction to 3dsmax and not to 3d concepts in general. It is also of particular use to those moving over to 3dsmax from another 3d graphic platform.

2011-12-14 10:52:40 | Author: warebe | Comments (1)
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Brad Hedlund-Cisco UCS Networking videos 

Brad Hedlund-Cisco UCS Networking videos Brad Hedlund-Cisco UCS Networking videos English | h264 1920x1080 29.97 fps | aac 44100 Hz stereo | 1.08 GB Genre: Video Training
Brad Hedlund is an experienced technical sales professional specializing in data center networking, virtualization, and computing, helping customers design large and small data centers with challenging and complex requirements since 1996. Release Date:March 8, 2011 Author: Brad Hedlund Notes from the Author: "On that note I am thrilled to present a new and improved 12 part video series covering Cisco UCS Networking! This series obsoletes the prior set with new, updated, and re-recorded content inspired from new developments in UCS Manager since the last series. Much of this content I created for and presented at Cisco Live Europe 2011 (London) for the session BRKCOM-2003 (UCS Networking 2011 ? Deep Dive) on February 4, 2011. Thanks to those that attended! It was a fun session and a great audience. This content and video series is not really a ?Deep Dive? in the true technical sense. Rather, this content is intended to be more of an Intermediate technical level geared towards the Data Center Architect, Network Designer, or IT Manager, to aid in understanding the overall architecture, best practices, and system level capabilities Cisco UCS brings to the data center." Part 1 ? The Physical Architecture of UCS In this video we take a look at the physical network architecture of Cisco UCS and incorporate the new capability of connecting both blade and rack mount servers to UCS Manager. Part 2 ? Infrastructure Virtualization & Logical Architecture Here we look at how Cisco UCS virtualizes every significant component of the physical architecture; switches, cables, adapters, and servers. Then we look at how that virtualization creates a more simplified logical architecture transposed from the physical architecture. Part 3 ? Switching Modes of the Fabric Interconnect In this video the unique behavior and advantages of End Host mode are discussed and compared and contrasted to Switch Mode, and a traditional Layer 2 switch. Part 4 ? Upstream Connectivity for SAN Here we take a look at the different ways to integrate Cisco UCS to the data center SAN with FC End Host mode, and the connecting storage directly to UCS with the new FC Switch Mode. Part 5 ? Appliance Ports and NAS direct attach In this video we discuss the new Appliance Port and how it can be implemented for connecting NAS or iSCSI directly to the UCS Fabric Interconnect. Part 6a ? Fabric Failover The unique Fabric Failover capability is explained and its ?Slam Dunk? uses are shown such as with Hyper-V, and bare metal OS installations. Part 6b ? Fabric Failover (cont) We continue with discussing the potential of using Fabric Failover with VMware software switches and VM FEX. The best practice design for integrating Nexus 1000V with Cisco UCS is also briefly discussed. Part 7a ? End Host mode Pinning Here we take a look at the dynamic and static pinning behavior of End Host mode, and how load balancing works. Part 7b ? Upstream LAN connectivity In this video we look at the different ways to uplink UCS to the upstream network, how failure scenarios are handled, and comparing individual uplinks vs. port channel upliks vs. vPC uplinks. Part 8 ? Inter-Fabric Traffic and Recommended Topologies This video examines different examples of inter fabric traffic and the recommended topologies for linking UCS to the upstream LAN network that provide the best handling of all traffic flows. Part 9 ? Connecting UCS to Disjointed L2 Domains Here we discuss the problems you can run into when connecting UCS to separate Layer 2 networks, and ways to make it work. Part 10 ? Gen2 Adapters This is brief video covering the new Gen2 adapters from Emulex, Qlogic, Broadcom, and Intel. The Cisco VIC (Palo) adapter is also discussed and with it?s unique VM-FEX integration with VMware vSphere. Part 11 ? Cisco VIC QoS In this video we take a deeper look at the advanced QoS capabilities of the Cisco VIC, and how that can be leveraged in server virtualization deployments as one example. Part 12 ? SPAN and IPv6 In closing the comprehensive SPAN capabilities of UCS are briefly discussed. Also, I pay some lip service to IPv6.

2011-12-14 10:52:13 | Author: warebe | Comments (1)
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creativeLive – Posing and Lighting with Bambi Cantrell: Day 1 

creativeLive – Posing and Lighting with Bambi Cantrell: Day 1 creativeLive – Posing and Lighting with Bambi Cantrell: Day 1 English | MOV 1280×720 23.97 fps | AAC 128 kbps | 5.32 GB Genre: eLearning
Join Bambi Cantrell for an intimate three day workshop focusing on posing and lighting techniques with a focus on wedding, boudoir, and portrait photography. This is shaping up to be one of the most popular subjects we've hosted. Thousands of photographers from around the world are enrolled for this weekend, and we've seen a tremendous amount of interest online for both Bambi and the topic of posing and light. This is day one of the CreativeLive 3 day online course. There's at least 6 hours of training here at very high quality. In 2007 American Photo Magazine named Bambi Cantrell as one of the “10 Best Wedding Photographers in the world.” Ms Cantrell was honored by Microsoft Corporation in 2006 by being named the first woman “Icon of Imaging” in their elite Icons program, and to this day provides photographic educational training to photographers worldwide. In 2003 the United Nations honored Bambi Cantrell with its ”International Leadership Award,” and in 2001 Bambi was honored with “The Lifetime Achievement Award” the highest honor given by The Wedding Portrait Photographers International Organization.
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2011-11-28 11:45:57 | Author: warebe | Comments (1)
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Android OS Video Tutorials for Beginners (Codes Included) 

Android OS Video Tutorials for Beginners (Codes Included) Android OS Video Tutorials for Beginners (Codes Included) English | 1024x768 | VP6F | 15fps 698kbps | MP3 64kbps | 827MB Genre: eLearning
Tutorials for the Android OS. Details the installation and configuration of the working environment as well as the creation of simple applications. We consider the subtleties of creating interest applications and a description of events using the Java-code. Content Episode # 1 Getting Started Episode # 2 Create A New Project And Run It Episode # 3 Using Buttons And Listening For ClickEvents Episode # 4 Using CheckBoxes In A Slightly Advanced Layout Episode # 5 Using Radio Buttons Episode # 6 Notification & Long Clicks Episode # 7 Using Basic Lists Episode # 8 The alert Dialog Episode # 9 Item Lists Clicks Episode # 10 An Introduction intents Episode # 11 Intents Multi Activity Applications Publisher: Xtensivearts Publication Year: 2011 Language: - English Format: flv

2011-11-28 11:45:23 | Author: warebe | Comments (1)
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High End Industry Retouching Techniques 

High End Industry Retouching Techniques High End Industry Retouching Techniques The Art of Dodge & Burn - High End Industry Retouching Techniques - Series Three DVD English | Duration: 10h 50m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1200x800 | Audio: AAC 44.1KHz stereo | 2.93 GB
This new retouching tutorial DVD-ROM is deeply focused on THE MAIN TECHNIQUE used in the high end industry world of retouching. Dodging & Burning has been around since the analog age of photography. Although the principles remain the same, tools and the flexibility has been greatly improved since entering the digital age. This DVD will teach you everything you need to know to become a master of this retouching technique. It will teach you how to achieve amazing results with the help of Dodge & Burn elegance, flexibility and realism. Table of contents: CHAPTER ONE - Painting with light 0 - Trailer - 3:31 1 - Introduction - 2:26 2 - What is Dodge & Burn? - 3:03 3 - Painting With Light - 1:38 4- Tools and Methods - 4:45 5 - Micro Vs. Macro - 2:26 CHAPTER TWO - Customization 1 - Customizing preferences and user interface - 43:26 2 - Keyboard Shortcuts - 9:03 3 - Mouse Vs. Pen - 8:56 4 - Brush Settings - 25:17 5 - Opacity, Flow & Airbrush - 15:56 6 - Modifier Keys - 0:55 7 - “Ideal” Work Conditions - 7:00 8 - Image Quality - 8:46 CHAPTER THREE - All roads lead to Rome 1 - More effective D & B - 49:16 2 - Native D & B Tools - 41:27 3 - Soft Light Blending Mode - 17:30 4 - D & B using Soft Light Blending Mode - 56:45 5 - D & B With Adjustment Layers - 32:53 6 - D & B Side effects - 17:39 7 - Recording Actions - 38:19 CHAPTER FOUR - The fun begins! 1 - Workflow introduction - 4:46 2 - Male model workflow analysis - 19:49 3 - Beauty image workflow analysis - 11:42 4 - Dark skin model workflow analysis - 08:21 5 - Full body shot D & B: Part I - 33:22 6 - Full body shot D & B: Part II - 31:40 7 - Male model D & B - 66:22 CHAPTER FIVE - Bonus 1 - Split Frequency Introduction - 3:00 2 - Split Frequency Example - 32:07 3 - Recording an action for Split Frequency - 8:12 4 - Inverted High Pass - 12:21 5 - Q & A - 7:10 6 - Inspiration - 20:10
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2011-11-28 11:45:03 | Author: warebe | Comments (2)
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The Master Of Wedding Photography - Jerry Ghionis 

The Master Of Wedding Photography - Jerry Ghionis The Master Of Wedding Photography - Jerry Ghionis English | MPEG2 720x480 29.97fps 4000Kbps | AC3 48000Hz 6ch 384Kbps | 3.72Gb Genre: eLearning
Three wedding movie from the master of wedding photography, Jerry Gionisa (Australia) included in the top 10 wedding photographers in the world. Jerry Ghionis DVD 1 (Australian Master Photographer) Jerry Ghionis DVD 2 (What makes me Click) Jerry Ghionis DVD 3 (The X - Factor) Wheels for convenience, combined into one DVD.

2011-11-28 11:44:38 | Author: warebe | Comments (4)
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