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NovaBoard: PHP Forum Script 

NovaBoard: PHP Forum Script

NovaBoard is an extremely feature-rich but also lightweight solution for those wishing to start up an online community with little effort while still remaining free. Combining php4/mySQL to provide a user freindly admin and user interface for all Nova-Board users

Customise your forum with our choice of themes & plugins - both of which can be installed directly within your Admin CP (no downloading necessary) & have peace of mind with our advanced SPAM protection that can detect spam posts & automatically hide them from public view for you to review.

NovaBoard Description:


* Uses PHP, MySQL & GD2
* Fully compatible with all modern browsers
* Easy to use template system
* Convert the forum into any language
* Track new posts with a multitude of options
* Easy to use module system
* Search topics & posts
* Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL's
* Integrated PayPal module


* Unique sessions on every form to prevent spamming
* Encrypted passwords
* Group permissions to control actions users can perform
* File uploading of only trusted file types
* Force users to change their passwords after a set time
* Perform forum upgrades with just 2 clicks in the Admin CP

Forums & Topics

* Unlimited forums with unlimited sub-forums
* BB Code with tags such as spoiler, hide, youtube
* Add polls to topics
* Subscribe to RSS feeds in each forum & topic
* Quick Reply & Quick Edit options in posts
* Multi-quote function
* File Attachments
* Report posts
* Auto-merge of a users posts if posted within 15 minutes of last one in same topic.

Modules & Themes

* Easy upload interface for modules & themes
* Time saving remote install option
* Upgrade notification for modules that have been updated
* No file edits required!


* Convert board into any language using our language files
* Create different images for different languages
* Easy to use 'Language Switcher' drop-down to switch between languages
* Set default language within Admin CP


* Gmail inspired Private Messages
* Subscribe to Private Messages and get them delivered to your email inbox.
* MSN, AOL, Yahoo! & Skype profile fields
* Microsoft XBox360, Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 3 gamer tags


* Enable/disable registrations
* Editable Terms & Conditions
* Set maximum number of posts guests can view before being asked to register
* Only one email address allowed to be registered to prevent aliases
* Verify email address before account is activated

User Groups & Permissions

* Create usergroups to allow members access to certain areas or features
* Set forums permissions per user group
* Assign colours and logos to each user group
* Custom member ranks

Administrator & Moderator Options

* Set user groups & individual members as forum moderators
* Lock/unlock, split, merge, move, sticky & announce topics
* Cache & Purge area to keep database size down
* Report to moderators option in posts
* View original posts within an edited one to see what changed
* Graphical warn system with easy to view warn history per member
* Temporarily suspend for a specific number of days
* Outright ban member option


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