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MRV5.2 Script 

MRV5.2 Script

Purge Paid to Click Ads
Purge PTRE Ads
Purge PTR Ads
Purge PTSU Ads
Purge Click Exchange Ads

PLUS: Tons of new security updates. (11-15-10 Update)

New: Find Members with failed PTSU module, with delete, suspend, and clear marker options. (11-15-10 Update)
New: Admin choice of no cpatha, number captha, word captha, or both on join (11-15-10 Update)
New: Admin choice of no cpatha, number captha, word captha, or both on login (11-15-10 Update)
New: help.php file that does not create a hole in the script.(11-15-10 Update)
New: 2 New Anti-bot ads for better efficency and detection (11-15-10 Update)
New: Admin review page that works with the new bot detection ad that allows delete, suspend, or clear marker options. (11-15-10 Update)

Updated: Added a message on the click bar when xstages awards are given to members (11-15-10 Update)
Updated: Members account page to include my upline, PTSU stats, Cheat Checks fails and faild logins (11-15-10 Update)
Updated: Stats on Top 5 Clickers for the daily/weekly/monthly click contest added to the contest page (11-15-10 Update)
Updated: Referrals Contest Leaders added to the contest page that automatically updates and resets with the referrals contest (11-15-10 Update)
Updated: Admins failed cheat checks page to include Click all / Unclick all (11-15-10 Update)
Updated: Exchange credits added to the convertor. (11-15-10 Update)
Updated: Table width on profile page reduced to accodamate 3 col. templaes (11-15-10 Update)
Updated: Payouts settings page to better explain the 2 settings. (11-15-10 Update)
Updated: Updated Manage News to include review/delete/edit features (added 6-15-10)
Updated: Admin Message Center which enables messages to indiviauls/all/standard/upgraded members (added 6-15-10)

Corrections FIXED:
Admin mass emailer sends emails to all members regardless if members opted out or if they are suspended (11-15-10 Update)
FIXED:Ads loosing credits when members do not complete validation (11-15-10 Update)
FIXED:Guest viewing ads sometimes get an error (11-15-10 Update)
FIXED:Specials ad not showing fix buy fees (11-15-10 Update)
FIXED:E-Mails adds were not editable from members side (11-15-10 Update)
FIXED:PTRA were not editable from members side, (11-15-10 Update)
FIXED:Daily Income total does not include pymts from unprocessed order (11-15-10 Update)
FIXED:Total Income on Stats Page is Not Correct (11-15-10 Update)
FIXED:Daily click contest wipes out bonus balance (11-15-10 Update)
FIXED:Your Dowline page, total clicks and clicked today are not correct (11-15-10 Update)
FIXED:Advertisers PTSU does not update members PTSU stats (11-15-10 Update)
FIXED:PTSU not crediting points issues (11-15-10 Update)
FIXED:Referral Builder not listing description (11-15-10 Update)
FIXED:Stats paid amount and number not computed correctly (6-15-10 Update)
FIXED:Mark time error on members my ads Flink page (6-15-10 Update)
FIXED:Min. Fee issues
FIXED:Referrals contest issues
FIXED:Withdrawal fees issues
FIXED:Edit Members Payment Request (Mark Paid, Cancel, Delete) Issues
FIXED:Flink highlight and marquee fee issues
FIXED:PTC highlight, incon and subtitle fee issues
FIXED:Referrals not list on purchase page
FIXED:FLinks edit
FIXED:Banner slot missing on members my ads (PTC)
FIXED:PTSUs (with 0 credits but with pending credits) purge issues
FIXED:Members My Downline page downline clicks issues
FIXED:Proofpage listing the wrong request date
FIXED:Proofpage sorting issues
FIXED:Purchased referrals not showing up as purchased on My Downline page
FIXED:PTRE login issues
FIXED:Admins Manage Members Downline status issues
FIXED:Several hacks and cheats have been blocked (due to security, details will not be released under any conditions)

SDR Basic Features
- Paid To Click Ads
- Paid To Read Ads
- Paid To Read Email Ads
- Paid To Signup Ads
- Paid to Promote
- Banner Ads
- Featured Banner Ads
- Featured Link Ads
- Featured Ads
- Click Exchange Ads
- Referral System
- Account Memberships
- Points Store
- Points Convertor
- Contests
- Messaging System
- Mass Emailing System
- Bot Detecor
- IP Filter
- Payment Address Filter
- Flood Guard
- ReCaptcha Login System
- Cheat Question System

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