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Local SEO Universe: 7007 "local SEO" niches for instant domination 

1) a list of 7007 “offline” niches and niche-keywords, markets and keywords together with search volume so you can get a quick overview where there is traffic.

But, that's not all. In addition to these "top level" keywords which you can use as a starting point for total niche-domination research, you'll get

2) a list of 29.887 “offline” related keywords -- for LONG-TAIL niche domination and inspiration for even more niches you can dominate, because there just isn't any competition in them.

Now, these are a little less targeted than the previous lot, but you’re not only getting niches you can use as a starting point for further research, you’re also getting tons of super-long-tail keywords, ideal for content creation, backlinking, SEO in any shape or form you can think of, the list goes on.

But, that's not all you're getting:

If I got this list for the first time, I’d take the top 10 in terms of traffic (skipping dentists, lawyers and real estate of course) and I’ll drill deep to find lots of related keywords, for, well, you get the idea: more exact match domains, more LSI content, more SEO benefit, ….

So, I did exactly that, but instead of 10, I did it for the top 100 “high traffic” keywords, meaning in addition to the 7007 high-level "root" keywords for niches and the 29.887 longer-tail keywords, you'll also get

3) a list of 54.531 long-tail keywords based on the top 100 traffic getting keywords from the first list you're getting. Meaning: most of your long-tail keyword research is already done for you!

To summarise: when you invest in “Local SEO Universe”, you’ll get:

1) A list of 7007 “local SEO” centric words, with search-volume, avg CPC and trends, focused on North-America

2) A list of 29.887 “local SEO” centric words, with plenty of long-tail Keywords, with search-volume, avg CPC and trends, for all of the English speaking world.

3) A “drill-down” of the top 100 most searched for keywords for additional firepower when it comes to EMDs, LSI, SEO….

(And - obviously - as usual, a cool, unannounced bonus, but heck, obviously I can’t announce that here;-)

But, before you jump in, let me answer a few questions you may have:

Where does the data come from?

For the traffic data, CPC and trends I’ve used Google’s keyword tool.

The “targeted, US-centric” version was done with the “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” option on, the “monster” list was a free for all.

The tricky part was of course to start with a little over 1200 offline “business”-descriptions (and yes, I did include dentists, lawyers and real-estate, just in case you REALLY want to wear the red uniform, instead of following the “blue ocean” strategy of using a creative, not combative approach)

So, absolutely, you could do this yourself, there is no “magic” in this, it’ll only take you 2-3 days of your time. You decide what your time is worth.

How easy is it going to be to rank for these keywords?

Ok, this is a “trick-Q&A” question!!!

This is NOT meant to be a list of keywords you just plop on your website and off you go! (although of course, in practice, you can use plenty of them, especially the long-tail ones as keywords and rank for them very quickly;-)

The lists are lists of niches for your inspiration! The main purpose is to give you thousands of ideas where you can quickly build up some serious offline-income without having to deal with the headaches of the wildly competitive, over-saturated niches.

You will have to use your common sense to check if and how you can make money with these.

I keep getting questions like “what level of traffic do I need to make money with a niche?”

Well, if you’re selling 300 foot luxury yachts (or 3000 foot spaceships) as an affiliate, I guess half a search a month is probably enough. … if on the other hand you’re selling … well, you get the idea.

Are you going to get broad-match search results or exact match search results?

Where possible, I have compiled broad match AND exact match. In some cases I couldn’t get an immediate answer from Google, so didn’t pursue that.

The important thing to understand is this: the broad match gives you an indication how “in demand” a particular niche is. People use hundreds of different keywords to find the same type of information. So, when deciding on a niche or market to enter into, I always use broad match as the starting point.

Exact match is what you need for dominating individual long-tail keywords, doing SEO, getting exact match domains etc.

That's why the "root" list has broad-match only, the other "long-tail" lists come with broad and exact match data.

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