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NO BULLSH*T SEO SECRETS - #1 Rankings Are Easy 

NO BULLSH*T SEO SECRETS - #1 Rankings Are Easy


This is not another bullsh*t ebook with a ton of pictures and a bunch of empty promises. This is the real deal and I'm going to show you exactly how I take over Google's first page and grab #1 spots for any keyword that I want.

I'm not going to teach you how to rank for easy local keywords or tell you to find keywords with no competition(or searches) and let you loose on it.

I want you to make money, and I want to provide you everything you need (some would say a blueprint) for you to dominate Google's first page and take the #1 rankings for yourself, sometimes even in days!

And the best part is...

This is Panda Update Proof!

Forget the Panda (or Farmer) Update -
This is the Only Product made Specifically for
Ranking #1 After Panda

After Google released it's Panda update I saw a ton of horror stories of how people were losing all of their rankings and traffic. Spammy links do not work like they once did.

New filters are in place and certain SEO methods have become obsolete. Only marketers who can learn how to adapt and change will survive in this game. Posting articles on Ezine Articles is not going to get your rankings like it used to.

The #1 Question I Saw People Asking Was: "Do Blog Comments Still Provide Link Juice? And What About Article Directories?"

The Answer? Of course they do. But posting comments on a bunch of spammed Wordpress blogs with your website link is not going to do anything for you. Well, Actually it could get your website de-indexed. The Post-Panda SEO system was designed by me, after $1000s of dollars lost in worthless backlink packages, stupid seo "methods" and months of being no where near the first page.

It all started coming together for me right before Google put out the Panda Update. My websites started hitting first page like wild fire, and I was confident in my SEO ability and system.

But once the update came I got scared...

My fellow marketers were losing rankings and I was almost sure I would as well. But then...

The Panda Update Gave Me a Huge Boost in
Traffic and #1 Rankings!

Apparently my SEO strategies that I had implemented before were exactly what Google wants nowadays. I had gained traffic when so many people were losing it. And my rankings still hold strong to this day!

If you want to learn SEO from someone that actually knows what they are doing, and has a system in place that is ready to be replicated then Post-Panda SEO is the system for you.

And I want you to know...

The Post-Panda SEO system does not involve spending hundreds of dollars in private blog networks like BMR, Linkvana or the like. Sure, this always helps your SEO efforts but not everyone has $100s of dollars to put down on a hope you will get rankings.

Anyone can use my system to gain #1 rankings in Google no matter your budget (if any at all). The only thing a big budget will get you using the Post-Panda SEO system is the ability to automate and outsource it all, which is good, but not needed.

Post-Panda SEO is easy enough that anyone can build the links and create the content for those cash cow #1 rankings on Google. Once you learn the system then you can spend the money you make to automate the systems.

Sales page


The Post-Panda SEO System

Here Are Just a Few of The Many Powerful Points That Are Covered Inside
The "Post-Panda SEO" System:

Learn Everything About the 'Panda Update' and What it Changed in SEO.

The Exact Steps I Take to Find a Rabid-Buyer Niche That Makes Real $$$.

My Keyword Research Techniques Using 100% FREE Software to Find Those Golden Keywords Everyone Wants.

How to Build Your Website With Proper On-Page SEO So Google Will Rank You #1 With Very Few Backlinks.

The Exact Backlinking Blueprint That I Use To Dominate Google Every Single Day!

A Complete 30 Day Step-by-Step Action Plan to Get #1 For Any Keyword.

Bonus #1 - Free Support + Private Forum Membership

Have you ever bought a WSO before? Or have you bought ANY product with promises to teach you to make money online, learn to dominate Google, or any other number of promises out there?

If you have then I'm sure you've been let down by promises, I'm doing something that I do not see often in any WSOs (did I mention that this WSO is different then most). I'm going to give you 100% free access to my private forum exclusively for this course.

I plan to charge a high monthly fee just to join my forum in the future, but since I am just starting it you will get lifetime access completely free along with the purchase of Post-Panda SEO.

No question will go unanswered, and the best part is you get to be involved in a core group of like-minded individuals, all whom are learning the exact same SEO system.

Bonus #2 - Huge Backlink Package

I'm going to give you a massive excel file with a ton of different websites that you can create your backlinks using the Post-Panda SEO System. Here is a peek at what you will see when you open this:

12 PR8 Links
26 PR7 Links
99 PR6 Links
127 PR5 Links

And hundreds more PR1+ websites that you can place your backlink on.

I haven't seen this many quality links offered in a single product too many times before, and those are full WSO's selling for as much as this entire package I'm giving you!

Bonus #3 - 30 Day Action Plan

Included in the package is another ebook where I take you through my 30-day action plan. I like step-by-step instructions, and that is exactly what I am giving you in this bonus ebook. I walk you through each day and exactly what you need to do in order to hit #1 on Google in 30 days!

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