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MASS Self-Hosted Email Accounts Creation 

Today I needed bulk email ids and wanted to make use of my throwaway domains for it. So, I wrote up with a script for it. It can be very useful to each of you here too. Almost every tool supports cpanel email accounts (they can be accessed via POP like any other regular email accounts like gmail, yahoo, etc.). But these will be self-hosted email accounts you don't have to fear and risk getting them banned like for other email providers. Also you don't have to spend on captchas or buy accounts from providers. This script can be used to make accounts on bulk (as many you want but don't make more than 1000 at a time). Read the instructions, enter proper details, save it as whatever.php, upload it on your server (or run it from localhost using WAMP) and run it in the browser. It will output email ids and password after account creation is successful.

Email ids will be created like - {prefix}{a number} Password will be same for each (or if you want a random password for each I can modify the script later but I don't see the point for different passes as you host these email accounts). Please read the instructions in the script twice before asking any question. Still if you have any doubts you can ask them here. Or if you want any modifications I can do it when I get time.

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