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WPSBOX WP Plugin Version 3.0.0 

WPSBOX WP Plugin Version 3.0.0

WHAT IF ScrapeBox Converted into WordPress Plugin?
"Getting 100,000 Backlinks From High Google Page Ranking Sites, with just '5' Clicks has never been easier"
...100% automated solution for search engine domination

"Now you don't need to sit in front of your computer to monitor backlink process. Just adjust the settings, click a few times and BAM... WPSBOX is your personal SLAVE working to get you backlinks while you relax at the beach and sip on a martini.... nothing else that you have to do...


This is a wordpress plugin that finds wp blogs based on your keywords, and posts comments to them.

Definately one to try!

Supports multiple projects, proxies, spins usernames/emails and URLS and has cron!

Has a great interface.

(Note that you need to upgrade to FireFox 5 for the keyword function to work properly)


WPsBox scrapes 1000's of wordpress blog based on your keywords thus making your blog ready to enjoy lots of free SEO based traffic (This is just the starting point of things).

Once harvested, its can start comment posting.... KILLER

Rotating Proxies:

I consider "proxy" support for any plugin, a MUST. If you are not using proxies for activities like harvesting or scraping, you are taking "risk".

Risk of being Google Blocked. So, in WPsBox i have taken care of proxy feature.

You can simply copy/paste unlimited proxies and plugin will automatically rotate proxies and then do rest of the stuff! Harvesting and posting using proxies will keep your real IP address in 'safeguard'

Auto Posting on WP blogs (AKA auto commenting):

This is the MEAT of the whole plugin. After harvesting of all 'relevent' blogs (based on your keyword) script proceed to next step i.e Auto Posting.

You can define the number of comments to post on every 'refresh', in how many days you want the post to be added (so that the whole link building process looks natural to Big G) and various other settings.

WPsBOX will keep on postiong on all 'niche' targeted blogs 24*7 without the need of your most important resource i.e YOU. You just set it up and forget about it, it will keep on commenting on blogs

Your Own Auto Approve List Upload:

This is HOT. If you are a regular scrapebox user (like me) then i am sure you might be having the "comment list" (probably auto approve).

You can just upload it using WPsbox plugin, on your blog and now the script will use YOUR list to post comments. Again, keeps you hands free!

PageRank Selection
Pagerank is the very important part of link building, the higher the page rank of the blogs where your 'link' is posted (as comment ) the more "link juice" (thus higher search engine ranking, you can enjoy).

In WPsBOX plugin you can simply 'drag' the bar and decide which PR blog you want to post on. Of course the higher the PR, the lesser the links (i recommend upload your own PR blog list)

Unlimited Campaign & Link Tracking
WPsBOX provides an easy way to track all the comments posted on various blog, comments which are approved. It also supports 'Multiple Keywords' per campaign and Multiple campaigns for your different domains.

In simple terms, you can add various related keyowrds per campaign to get MOST possible backlinks.

Keyword Suggester
This is another 'must' feature of any kind of backlink software. Keyword Suggester simply suggest you "related" keyword using Google Keywords Tool. You just need to 'click' on the keyword and it will be added to the campaign.

WPsBOX is able to process multiple campaigns (starting from newer to older) based on your settings.

Yahoo and Bing Addon
Now WPsBOX also scrapes and post on yahoo and bing search engines, you can select all (Google, yahoo & Bing) or any of there. Thus you get 1000's of more blogs to post

Post to Movable Type & Blog Engine Blogs
In version 3.0.0 of plugin, now you can post on Movable types and blog engine blogs apart from wordpress. This will make sure you NEVER have shortage of blogs to post comments and gain precious backlinks!

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