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Import Ebooks To Wordpress With Plugin - Over 27000 ebooks to use! 

The Following WSO Will Show You Where To Find THOUSANDS OF EBOOKS To Use On Your Sites And HOW TO Put Them On Your Sites

We created a Wordpress Plugin that will take an ebook, that is in text format, and import it into Wordpress at the push of a button!

Need the plugin? is where to get it.

Need some ebooks to import? Go visit (over 27000 there)

Why Buy EbookImport? Because there are literally THOUSANDS of ebooks out there that you can use on your sites to add CONTENT to your sites. Plus you can import your own ebooks or large text documents into Wordpress using EbookImport.

Can ebook import put PDF ebooks into wordpress? EbookImport will only import TEXT ebooks into Wordpress. You can easily convert your ebook to text using this tool ( and then use EbookImport to import the ebook but it will only import the text, not the images.

Import Ebooks To Wordpress With Plugin - Over 27000 ebooks to use!
Value: $19.5

2011-03-07 13:08:56 | Author: Rihanna | Comments (1)
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WordPress Guardian 1.3 


WordPress Guardian 1.3




WordPress Guardian 1.3


The Code Breaker Alternative!

What is WordPress Guardian?

WordPress Guardian is an inexpensive, powerful "code breaker"-style plugin for WordPress (2.8+) that gives blog owners the capability to easily monetize their content by combining the tools that make the new web work with the simplicity of WordPress.

This simple-to-use, but powerful tool offers:

Simple ad customization

2-click Ad-to-post assignment

Thoughtless ad rotation

Block whole blog with one-click

Geographical targeting on an ad-to-ad basis

Control ad's distance from top of browser window

Color wheel control for overlay color

Control overlay opacity

Control delay before unlock

Optional right click locking

Optional scrollbar locking

Custom "teaser" ad delays

Block all posts in a specific category

Block individual pages

Add an optional close button to ads

Rotate links or display in drop-down menu

Control how long users have access to blog

Allows ads on the index, pages (about, etc), categories, & searches

Ads work on almost all modern (and not-so modern) browsers

Doesn't negatively effect SEO

Works with new and old blogs alike

Easy Ad Configuration!

Easy Ad-to-Post Assignment!

Attractive Advertisements!

Whether you're looking to monetize auto-blogs you started yesterday or breathe new life into well-indexed blogs you started years ago, WordPress Guardian is the right plugin for the job.

What Do You Get?

Along with the plugin, you will receive:

Step-by-step installation instructions!

Step-by-step usage instructions!

Step-by-step example of WordPress Guardian in action from concept to completed blog post; methods and all!

Our renowned email and forum support!

Free core plugin updates!



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2010-11-03 12:14:33 | Author: Chipmunk | Comments (1)
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Wordpress XML Database About Forex 

Wordpress XML Database About Forex

Ready made wordpress blog about forex.


Full of forex related blog content



2010-10-28 13:55:23 | Author: Chipmunk | Comments (3)
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Envato 'WordPress Pack' Bundle 

Envato 'WordPress Pack' Bundle

Exclusive Envato Wordpress pack October 2010


Wordpress themes

Mobile themes

Premium plugins

PSD templates

Wordpress Theme tutorial

Wordpress design Ebook

+much more!




2010-10-25 09:48:00 | Author: Chipmunk | Comments (0)
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