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Forum Poster 3.30 - Automatically Post/Reply Messages To Forums 

Forum Poster 3.30 - Automatically Post/Reply Messages To Forums
Forum Poster 3.30 - Automatically Post/Reply Messages To Forums | 10MB

Forum Poster is a program that automatically post/reply messages to forums.

Forum Poster automatically register a user
with the username, e-mail and password you
typed on the board. It login as the registered
user on the board and then post/reply it. All
made automatically. With just one click!

The current version can post to
1. phpBB2 V2.0.23
2. phpBB3 V3.0.7-PL1
3. Invision Power Board V3.0.5
4. Snitz Forums 2000 V3.4.07
5. vBulletin V4.0.2
6. Simple Machines Forum V1.1.11
7. WoltLab Burning Board V3.1.2
8. WowBB V1.7
9. MyBB V1.4.11

Forum Poster 3.30 - Automatically Post/Reply Messages To Forums

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