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Windows 7 Ultimate (x86/x64) Retail Full DVD ISO + Activat 

Windows 7 Ultimate (x86/x64) Retail Full DVD ISO + ActivatWindows 7 Ultimate (x86/x64) Retail Full DVD ISO + Activat | 2.19 GB + 2.84 GB INFO: BURN TO DVD ------------------------ 1. Scroll down to "Nero" Section below 2. Follow the instructions i have posted on how to burn this to DVD SET YOUR DVD DRIVE AS THE FIRST BOOT DEVICE ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Insert the burnt DVD into your DVD Drive 2. Restart your computer 3. As soon as your computer clicks over to begin the Boot Process 4. Continuously press the "ESC" Button 5. That will bring up the BIOS 6. Look around in there f the "Boot Sequence/Order" and make the "DVD Drive" the First Boot Device (every computer's BIOS is different.. so it's very hard to know exactly where this option will be on your computer.. but look f anything that has the wd "Boot", "Boot Device", "Boot Options", Boot Priity"... ) 7. Save and Exit the BIOS 8. If you did it crectly.. your computer will say "Press any button to boot from DVD" .. 9. Press any button 10. That will launch the Windows 7 installation process INSTALL WINDOWS 7 1. Let the DVD load and as soon as you see "Install". .. select "Install" 2. Next option .. select "Custom Install" 3. Next option.. select "Advanced Option" 4. Now you will see your Hard Drive(s) 5. You have to decide whether you want to create partitions not. (Will not affect activation install) 6. Once the partition(s) have been created not .. be sure to "Fmat" each drive/partition by highlighting the Drive/Partition(s) and selecting "Fmat". 7. Highlight the "C" Drive (listed first on top of list) and press "Install" 8. Now Windows 7 will begin the installation. 9. Let it do it's thing.. it may take a while depending on how fast your PC is. 10. You do not have to do anything.. just sit back and watch go out f a smoke.. 11. Your computer will restart a few times.. just leave it alone. 12. The next time it will need input from you is to create your User Profile, Passwd, Set the Time Zone, etc.. do it and let it continue again. 13. Then the next time it will need your input again is f the Serial.. Leave it BLANK and press continue 14. Finally.. it will continue and your computer will restart a few me times.. your screen will flicker .. it may seem like it's frozen.. but that's nmal.. leave it alone.. (do not restart your PC). 15. Once you get to the Desktop.. go to Control Panel > User ***s and Family Safety > User Acconts > Turn off "UAC" by sliding the slider down to the last setting. 16. Save and Restart your computer 17. Now go activate using one of the provided Activats above.. 18. Enjoy DOWNLOAD:

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