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Windows seven ARC Gamer Edition 2010|x86bit 

Windows seven ARC Gamer Edition 2010|x86bitWindows seven ARC Gamer Edition 2010|x86bit
What 's new ? *This modded OS is a fully unattended install! *It has been streamlined & optimized for you, the user! *All new system tweaks that will bring you a faster install! *Quicker Boot Times! *A snappy desktop! - NEW START ORB - NEW BOOT SCREEN - NEW INSTALL SCREEN - NEW LOG ON SCREEN - NEW SHELL STYLE - NEW LOGO - SMALLER AND FASTER THAN ARC - UPDATED TILL 5TH MAY'10 - NEW WALLPAPERS - GAMER EDITION IS ACTIVATED FOR EVER Application Installed: - 7-Zip - Adobe Flash Player ActiveX - Winrar - Java - Microangelo on display -Acrobat Reader -shutter Components Removed [Accessories] Accessibility Character Map Mobility Center Speech Support Welcome Center Languages Arabic Brazillian Bulgarian Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Simplified Chinese Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Table Driven Text Input Processor Thai Traditional Chinese Turkish Ukrainian Welcome Center Multimedia Media Center Services Error Reporting Quality Windows Audio Video Experience System Natural Language Reliability and Performance Monitor Tablet PC Options DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Disabled (AlwaysOff) User Account Control (UAC) = Disabled AntiSpyware Realtime Protection = Disabled AutoPlay = Enabled Paging Executive = Disabled Power scheme = High performance Power button = Shutdown Sleep button = Enabled Control Panel - Classic View = Enabled Show hidden files and folders = Yes Show protected operating system files = No Show extensions for known file types = Yes IE Phishing Filter = Disabled IE Phishing Verification Ballon Tips = Disabled Services AXINSTSV = Disabled ADPBRIT = Disabled ALG = Disabled BITDES = Disabled BLUESVC = Disabled BRANDC = Disabled CERTPROPSVC = Disabled CREMANAG = Disabled DPS = Disabled DSH = Disabled DSH = Disabled DLTC = Disabled EFS = Disabled FAX = Disabled FDPHOST = Disabled HKMSVC = Disabled HOMEGROUPLISTENER = Disabled HOMEGROUPPROVIDER = Disabled HIDA = Disabled ISD = Disabled ICS = Disabled IPHLPSVC = Disabled LINKTDM = Disabled MiSCSI = Disabled NETPSS = Disabled NETLOGON = Disabled NAPA = Disabled OFFLF = Disabled PEERNRP = Disabled PEERNG = Disabled PEERNIM = Disabled PNPIP = Disabled PNRPSVC = Disabled PDES = Disabled REMOTDC = Disabled REMOTEDS = Disabled REMOTEDSUP = Disabled REMOTEREGISTRY = Disabled ROUTACC= Disabled SCARDSVR = Disabled SCPOLICYSVC = Disabled SNMP = Disabled WEVC = Disabled WBIOSRVC = Disabled WCARDSVC = Disabled WCOLSYS = Disabled WCONECT = Disabled WINDEFEND = Disabled WMPNETWORKSVC = Disabled WREMOTEM= Disabled WSEARCH = Disabled WINHTTPWP = Disabled Tweaks: Programs and Features to right click change wallpaper to right click Task manager to right click Take Ownership of any File or Directory Show file extensions "Command Prompt" when you right click a folder "Device Manager" to the right click menu of "Computer" "Services" to the right click menu of "Computer" "Edit Registry" to the right click menu of "Computer" "MSCONFIG" to the right click menu of "Computer" Notepad as a Right Click Item Disable Default Hidden Shares - This keeps Windows from creating the Admin$, C$, etc. shares (which are security holes) automatically on start-up. Open any folder on your computer in a new window All items have an "edit.." on right-click sending to notepad Register / unregister to the context menu for .ocx files Register / unregister to the context menu for .dll files Right click option for unknown files (Open with notepad) New CMD file to right click > New Open NFO files with notepad Restore previous folder windows at logon Stops the 'Welcome Center' loading (for current user) when Windows starts Disable User Accounts Control (UAC) Disable Automatic Updates (not the ability to update - just disables the automatic background updates and balloon tips) 'Copy to Folder' and 'Move to Folder' to right click And Many more Tweaks
Windows seven ARC Gamer Edition 2010|x86bitWindows seven ARC Gamer Edition 2010|x86bitWindows seven ARC Gamer Edition 2010|x86bitWindows seven ARC Gamer Edition 2010|x86bit

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