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Antivirus Live Cd On USB Multilingual (05.2012) 

Antivirus Live Cd On USB Multilingual (05.2012)

Antivirus Live Cd On USB Multilingual (05.2012) | 1.16 GB

Collection of antivirus Live CD which left the original menu and the ability to maintain updated anti-virus on a USB drive. This was done for their own use on multiboot flash drive or USB-HDD.

The aim - to facilitate the updating of antivirus databases without downloading new images from the sites of developers and to always have the USB storage media last virus database. This is true in the case if you have to check the computer for which there is no possibility at the time of check out in the Tyr does not.

This collection can be used - as a standalone solution, and disembowel him. Include the items you want in your building based on the bootstrap GRUB4DOS.

Avira AntiVir Rescue System v3.7.16
Dr.Web LiveCD v6.0
ESET SysRescue LiveCD v4.0.63.0
Kaspersky Rescue Disk v10.0.31.4
AntiWinLockerLiveCD v3.3 + Universal virus sniffer v3.74

System Requirements: Hard Drive, the minimum size to 2GB, PC supports booting from USB drives

Installing on a USB flash drive:
Due to the nature of anti-virus Live CD it is necessary (though not all but) the FAT file system and also to update the Kaspersky need to have another one that he updated his inner resources. It is therefore proposed to break the stick into sections. Owners of x32 operating systems will not create a problem, because in the hand when there is such as fornication - dummydisk-setup.exe -

ooks much more fun. It is possible to use only one partition on a flash drive, but then have to manually update each time you move a folder of Kaspersky Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.0 Disk C: \ on your memory stick, so that on another computer (without internet ate it) have the latest virus database.

In the 2nd version of the distribution there BOOTICE. BOOTICE_0.78.EXE version is only for flash drives split into sections.
Antivirus Live Cd On USB Multilingual (05.2012)

If you want your flash drive has only one section, all actions can be performed using only BootICE_0.9.exe
-------------------------------------------------- ------
Put this in the boot BootICE_0.9.exe
Antivirus Live Cd On USB Multilingual (05.2012)

After installation, run the boot loader - dummydisk-setup.exe and copy the contents of folders on USB flash drive
1part - the first active partition
2part - on the second partition with fat32 file system
The owners of x64 operating systems can use to create and update virtual machines, just look for proprietary utilities to change the stick with a fixed or removable without the use of partitioning.
When using a single partition, and the contents of folders 1part 2part simply copied to the stick.

Updating antivirus databases
From under Windows (main system) are updated:
AVIRA updated launch - (your flash drive) \ avupdate \ windows \ updatergui.exe
Dr.Web updated launch - (your flash drive) \ boot \ module \ updater5_dwm.cmd

ESET updated own resources - from within a running program.

Kaspersky updated in such a way - in the running Kaspersky Rescue Disk, run database updates. After a successful update on drive C: \ folder appears Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.0 which must be transferred to the stick.
If there are 2 partitions on a flash drive that put the folder in the root of the first section. After these steps, Kaspersky will fold updates to this folder.
If you have one partition on a flash drive - delete the folder pre Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.0 with flash, upgrading, and copy the folder Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.0 Disk C: \ on the stick.
Such an alignment occurs due to the fact that the section from which launched Kaspersky is mounted read-only and, therefore, to read the updated anti-virus it can, and write to the same section - no.
Antivirus Live Cd On USB Multilingual (05.2012)

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