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vBulletin Suite v4 RC 2 (vBTeam) 

Today we're announcing the availability of Release Candidate 2 of vBulletin 4.0 Publishing Suite and vBulletin 4.0 Forum. If you have an active vBulletin license, you can download your copy of RC2 from the vBulletin Members Area at:
http://members.vbulletin.com .Our original plan was to release RC1 to the community today. However, since releasing Beta 5 and releasing RC1 on vBulletin.com this past Monday, we have fixed more 250 bugs, including new bugs found in RC1. Therefore, we wanted our customers to have access to the most recent build.

There are still two known issues with the RC2 release that are important to be aware of. The fixes for these issues are currently being tested. If these issues are critical to your community's function, we recommend that you do not install RC2.

• Articles are not being indexed when first created. However, subsequent actions, such as saving an article, do trigger the index. If an article is not indexed, this causes an article not to appear in search results (and widgets that display most recent article).
• The publication timestamp is not always accurate according to your local time, and can cause articles to display incorrect publication times.

Highlights of what’s fixed and what's new in RC2:
• (new) Forum Sidebar Blocks! Keep track of new posts in Blogs, CMS, Group Discussions. Also new Tag Cloud block and create custom HTML and PHP Blocks.
• (new) Added and finalized Forum StyleVars
• (new) Added new Member Action links. Clicking on a user name link in CMS articles, Forum Postbit, and Blog Posts will display a new pop-up menu of various links (Go to Profile, Send Private Message, View Forum Posts, View Blog Entries, View Articles).
• (new) Added RSS for the CMS
• (new) UTF-8 Friendly URL
• (Updated) Album Pages UI
• (Updated) Group Pages UI
• (Updated) Member Profile Page UI
• (Updated) Settings and Private Messages UI
• Fixed What’s New/Search Results pages when the browser resizes
• Cleaned up the CSS files
• Cleaned up the UI across the entire site
• Fixed remaining Right-to-Left bugs for Arabic languages
• Fixed additional IE 6 bugs
• Fixed ability to turn off Article Ratings
• and numerous other bugs

Thanks to everyone who has filed bugs in our bug tracker throughout the Beta process – it's been a tremendous help in getting us to where we are today. Please continue to file new bugs here:

We're also updating vBulletin.com to RC3 on Monday, which is another exciting step toward the Gold release. We are still on track to ship Gold during the week of December 21.


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