Jerry West - SEM Mastery 10 DVDs

DVD -1: Basic/Advanced SEO Techniques - Learn the ins and outs of SEO as a foundation of your site's traffic.

* How to Improve On-Page Factors
* Real Link Building Techniques that Work
* The Myths and Truths of SEO
* Known Penalties and how to avoid them
* Keyword research and refinement
* Google Best Practices Guide
* On-Page Factoring Guide
* New Linking Strategy Guide

Almost every other SEO course on the market today will stop right here. Some unsavory "guru" will give you this info, pat you on the back and send you out into the jungle alone.

DVD -2: The Business of SEO Consulting - Even if you don't plan to be a consultant, this DVD is vital as it will teach you solid selling techniques, including how to be more effective.

* The Golden Rules of Business
* SEO Consulting Must Haves
* How to Market Your Services Online
* The Complete Local Marketing Blueprint

Like I told you before, this course is JUST that THOROUGH - you can actually make this your WHOLE business and believe me, the opportunity is there NOW more than ever.

DVD -3: PPC and Page Advertising - Learn how to effectively and properly use paid advertising to boost your traffic and revenues.

* Pay Per Click (PPC)
* Banner Ad Buys

Remember I said that some of the competition is having to pull back their marketing spends? This DVD is going to help you snatch away all that real estate they've been squatting on, and get it CHEAP.

DVD -4: Testing and Conversion - This includes the updated presentation David Bullock and I gave together in Atlanta in April and again at the SEO Rainmaker event in Nashville in June.

* The Three Things I Test For - Always
* How Effective is Your Web Design?
* Are Your Headlines Compelling?
* How to Use Google Analytics in Less Than 15 Minutes a Day
* Improving Bounce Rates on Your Key Pages

I can't stress this enough: TESTING is the most important factor in ANYTHING I'm going to teach you. Even if you SUCK at ALL at this when you start out, testing small changes over time can turn ANYONE into a conversion powerhouse.

DVD -5: Technology - Learn how technology will play a critical role in raising your conversion ratio so you earn more per visit.

* My Complete Resource List
* How to edit your .htaccess file (Yes, You Can!)
* Creating the Proper Robots.txt File
* Picking the Right Web Hosting Provider
* How to Buy the Right Domain Name
* Web Design Templates

All of what we call "SEO" is tied to technology. Every piece of our business lives on any number of computers spread all over the globe. To maximize performance and keep it all running smoothly, you MUST have a basic understanding of all the parts involved.

DVD -6: Beyond SEO - Master the skill of creating review sites to promote either your own products or as an affiliate. When we talk about the "O" in SEO, we're talking about optimization for computers. The "M" in SEM is about talking to the real PEOPLE who are going to hopefully become your customers. This DVD is about how to bridge that gap between visiting "traffic" and paying customers.

DVD -7: Questions and Answers - A "Best Of" compliation of Q&A sessions I have had and recorded over the years. Sometimes, I simply can't think of every useful example when I teach. Some of the best stuff I have comes from answering situation-specific questions and you won't believe how applicable these "brainstorm" solution sessions can be.

DVD -8: SEO Rainmaker - While the quality isn't great, this is live footage of Jerry West presenting in Nashville at SEO Rainmaker 3.

NOTE: Why would I include this if the quality is off? Simple - there's stuff I cover here that isn't available anywhere else, and I told you this course was COMPLETE! Even if it's not slick and perfect, I can't say I taught you EVERYTHING I know if it wasn't included.