Drupalize.me : Drupal SEO Series | 1.99 GB
English | AVC 960X540 300 kbps | AAC 44.1kHz 2 channels | Genre: Video Training

This series is devoted to the optimization and promotion Drupal-sites
1. Introduction to Drupal SEO 4m
2. SEO Checklist Module 14m
3. Setting up Google Analytics 26m
4. Using Google Webmaster tools 36m
5. Researching SEO keywords 30m
6. On-page SEO optimization 3m
7. Customizing page titles 16m
8. Customizing menu paths 15m
9. Redirecting menu paths 11m
10. Implementing relevant meta tags 11m
11. Optimizing for local businesses 18m
12. HTML header tags 6m
13. Creating content silos 5m
14. Leveraging the menu system 5m
15. Creating & submitting sitemaps 19m
16. Controlling access with robots.txt 7m
17. Setting up. Htaccess rewrite rules 5m
18. Testing standards compliance 4m
19. Importance of site performance for SEO 8m
20. Testing with SEO graders 3m
21. Conversion rate optimization 27m
22. Next steps for an SEO campaign 11m
23. Drupal SEO Review 7m