Ok. Basically, I know a domain name that's available, that would be perfect for a forex ebook. However, I have no idea where this could be advertised.

Goals for the project would be to buy the domain, rewrite a forex ebook, or alternatively, buy a good single use rights one?

We would then start selling it, (although I'm not sure where, yet) get some affiliates together, who would then be making solid sales.

We would then give it a couple of weeks, for the affiliates to build up some regular sales, and, depending on how we feel, either keep on holding on to it, or flip it on flippa.

So. What I can bring to the table.

The domain name. This is good. It's two dictionary words. No hyphens, and it's a .com.
Writing skills. I have good writing skills, in fact, I'm currently hiring them out in the VIP BST. I could play a large part in rewriting the ebook, and also in writing the sales letter.
The hosting. I could host the website on my hosting.
A trial of SENuke. I have a trial copy of SENuke at the moment, I know this isn't such an amazing quality, but it is a good thing, and could help us succeed.
Finally, my time. The most important thing of all. I have a lot of free time at the moment, which I can dedicate to making this project succeed.

What I ask from you:

An idea of where to sell. I need ideas on where we can sell this product, as I have none at the moment.
Your advice. A project always works better with two people, and someone else's opinion will always help.
Your money. Obviously, the costs won't be particularly high - probably just listing fees etc, maybe the cost of some PLR.
Finally, your time. I don't ask that much, but I don't want to do this with someone who'll just lean back and expect me to do all the work.

Experience would be nice, but isn't necessary, and any software you have would obviously be a bonus, but again, isn't a prerequisite.

Either Pm me, or post here, and I'll get back to you.