*** Sorry if this looks like a job description, it's just the nature of my work***

We're looking for JV partner that has full life cycle software/systems engineering experience to help with architecture, design and integration of software and scripts. JV partner should have a structured background in software engineering fundamentals.

We currently have 2 teams that perform PHP development (not really Software/Systems Engineers), copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, Linkbuiding, etc.

The JV partner would help with creation and integration of scripts/programs, development of software models/process (Visio, Mindjet, etc).. You don't have to do hands on coding (unless you want to), we'd like to have you helping with high level design & integration which would then given over to the developers for implementation.

Requirements > Architecture > Design > Implementation > Test > CM > Maintenance

JV partner should have framework/platform experience with either: JEE, .NET, Zend, or etc. (PHP or .NET preferred)

BS or MS Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Systems Engineering would be nice.

Why do we need this?

We're not software or systems engineers but have hired many software & systems engineers for many years. We have the money to invest and have developed scripts/sites in IM and AF but some of our projects are becoming more complex. We really would like to bring on a JV partner to be part of our organization round key positions needed.

What we bring?

Good IM knowledge
Part owners in profitable CPA company (can't say the name)
Steady cash flow
Network of good contacts in the industry.

What we don't need on our team

Foul-mouthed kids
Big egos
Know-it-alls (unless you really do )