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Venom Seo Cracked

Venom Seo


Get your websites to the top of search engine results with Venom SEO Crack

Venom is the best SEO is an all-in-one solution for Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. It can create accounts and post content and backlinks to your websites on many different kinds of sites, such as article directories, forums, blogs and social bookmarking sites.


Automatic CAPTCHA solving

Sick and tired of solving CAPTCHA puzzles manually or wasting insane amount of money on paid services? VenomSEO automatically solves CAPTCHAs with our state of the art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms FOR FREE.  Our OCR can solve ReCAPTCHA (at approximately 37% based on a test done with 10 000 ReCAPTCHA images) as well as many other types of CAPTCHAs. Manual CAPTCHA entry and third party CAPTCHA solving services are also supported and can be used as both main and backup methods.


Learning Mode

Don’t let software limit your possibilities. While other similar programs only work with a handful of sites and platforms, VenomSEO’s flexible rule-based engine allows you to teach it nearly every website or platform imaginable. Our unprecendented learning mode makes it extremely easy to do. Unlike other similar programs, VenomSEO doesn’t force you to learn esoteric scripting languages or edit cryptic text files to be able to make it do what you want.


Speed and performance

VenomSEO is extremely fast, lightweigh and resource efficient. You can run it in the background at the same speed that other similar programs can only perform when all other apps are closed.


Proxy support

Hide your footprints and protect your IP from getting banned by webmasters  and blacklisted by sites like with proxies – VenomSEO supports both public and private proxies.


Security question cloud

VenomSEO also has something called a Security Question Cloud – whenever a forum or a site presents a security question, such as “Are you a bot?” or “What color is the sky?“, VenomSEO automatically finds an answer in our question cloud. If an answer is not found, user is prompted to answer the question manually. The answer is added to the cloud and in the future the same question is answered automatically. Our question cloud already has thousands of questions and answers!


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